2019 - Lorenz Spring (CH)

“The language of the mountains can only be heard in silence”

Lorenz Spring, born in Uster in 1964, lives and works in the Berne area. Following an apprenticeship as a stone sculptor he attended Berne School of Design, which opened up new artistic horizons for him. Several months spent studying in Paris ultimately intensified his search for his own expression.

Lorenz Spring’s visions uncover our day-to-day lives and aim to go above and beyond. With a sense of humour that is often deadly serious, the artist’s works investigate the nonbinding nature of the present and seek a language for the inexpressible, for the existence outside of time. And by way of a startling contrast, many of his works deal expressively with interpersonal issues, people's selfishness, violence and injustice, self-delusion and fear, xenophobia and environmental destruction. His multi-layered works challenge the observer to discover the quiet beauty of the everlasting in the noise and tension between opposing and transitory things.

Kuenstlerdose Lorenz Spring 2019 OFFEN

The search for unity in diverse images and materials is the secret to Spring’s talent. His paintings, drawings and sculptures aim to expose the different levels of “realities”, which fascinate and bewilder on the surface but hint at the substance deeper down.

May this wonderful tin bring much joy to collectors of the “Kambly Art Collection”.