2018 - Jakob Jenzer (CH)

“In the water”

The image, both mysterious and enticing, invites us to gaze deeply and immerse ourselves in an enchanting twilight world. Slender stems with crowns of lush leaves reach ever upwards, some shimmering darkly, others aglow with magical colour – all floating in the water, swaying almost imperceptibly in the gentle current. Wouldn’t you love to linger? But do you dare? Isn’t there also a rising sense of danger and bewitchment? Could this glorious splendour creep out of its frame during the night?

Jakob Jenzer’s picture allows us a glimpse of a world that is usually hidden from sight. Here, it reveals itself in all its tantalising sensuousness.

The artist Jakob Jenzer is always delving into and exploring the present. He has travelled to Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, India, Nepal and Japan, identifying and uncovering specific structures of order and chaos everywhere he goes. With his sharp, ever-alert eyes, he constantly discovers new spaces and reproduces them expertly with pencil and brush.


He thus takes us along on his own distinctive “path of pilgrimage”, a reference to one picture entitled “Jakobsweg” – the German for the Way of St. James which leads pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. We follow his cityscapes and visions, wander through labyrinths and traverse cloisters, discover new horizons and nightshades thought forgotten …. and keep on glimpsing the pure beauty in the untamed world.

May this 30th edition of the “Kambly Art Collection”, created by the artist Jakob Jenzer, bring great joy to many people.