2017 - Regine Ramseier (CH)

"The inner path"

Regine Ramseier’s spring-like, light watercolor exudes a magical force. Over tree roots and the mossy forest floor, between tree trunks whose branches are dusted with a delicate green we follow a red-cloaked figure uphill. Soon it will reach the edge of the forest, take a deep breath and, happy, let its gaze wander as far as the mountain crest in the distance. And we do likewise, filled with an uncertain longing.

Regine Ramseier’s painting nurtures this longing in us to embark on a path and gain a new, undistorted view of the world in all its many facets. Her masterful brushstrokes thus present us with a Venetian palazzo, a crumbling wall in Ticino, a Provencal gravestone or part of the Irish coast in a wholly new and surprising light that constantly delights the viewer.

Regine Ramseier’s large-scale panel paintings also make us aware of the many layers of perception and call on us to look not only into the enticing distance but to take an in-depth look, perhaps also inside ourselves.


Powerful and transparent at the same time, this artist's oeuvre sets standards and encourages us to retravel familiar paths.

May this wonderful tin from the "Kambly Art Collection", designed by artist Regine Ramseier, bring you much joy.