2016 - Silvia Gertsch (CH)

"Plays of light"

Silvia Gertsch's reverse-glass paintings wondrously entrance the observer with the intensity of their light and colour.

The artist stands in front of the pane of glass, bends her arm around it and paints on the other side. Each brush stroke and each spot of colour must be just right, as there is no way of painting over or retouching it. Everything is binding and final. With maximum discipline and concentration she forgets the world around her and dedicates herself to her subjects: children and young people in their free time, their everyday lives, oblivious to their surroundings in their games. Her reverse-glass paintings are a reflection of the visible world with all its diversity and contrasts. Her infinite manifestations captivate and fascinate us, stimulating our senses, yet making us painfully aware of the limited and finite nature and the transience of all her depictions.

At the same time, another world magically shimmers through to the eyes that see. Silvia Gertsch shows us a window onto a silent, pure and bright light that manifests itself on dancing waves, in sparkling droplets of water, in a little girl's sun-filled hair, a living energy that touches us deep inside and seems to carry us away to a better world. Neither words nor simple understanding can begin to describe this power. Only those able to free themselves from the noise and turbulence of everyday life will be touched and carried away by it.

Silvia Gertsch 2016 OFFEN

Silvia Gertsch's pictures are manifestation levels of this light and its beauty. "I try to express the light that I see and feel in the world, give it shape and colour, and allow it to emerge from the darkness."

May this wonderful tin from the "Kambly Art Collection", designed by artist Silvia Gertsch, bring you much joy and light.