Perfection straight from the heart

The unique combination of traditional skills and the most modern technology ensures that each Kambly speciality has all the elegance and feel of having been crafted by a "maître chocolatier et pâtissier". Kambly’s masterpieces stand for the very best – just perfect for special moments of joy.


PureSpelt - an ancient grain rediscovered

In the cool and humid climate of the Emmental valley thrives the rugged and valuable ancient grain PurSpelt. Already in the 12th century German abbess Hildegard von Bingen said that a diet rich in PurSpelt, especially in combination with butter and almonds, was very beneficial to your health.

Flour from the village mill for more than 100 years

The "House Specialities from the Emmental" and the "Bretzeli" both are of well-proven, original, artisan confectioner’s quality and mastership. First-class ingredients like wheat grown in the Emmental and, even after three generations, still milled in the local flour mill of the village of Trubschachen are responsible for the unique taste and personality of each of these fine biscuits.

The power of the origin

Here in the Emmental valley, in the heart of Switzerland, we find the purity of nature, the fresh premium raw materials, the traditional craftsmanship and deeply embodied values that are our source of inspiration and strength in order to delight customers worldwide.

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Solar Power

Both the traditional "Bretzeli" biscuits and Kambly’s "Genuine Swiss Biscuit Specialities" are produced in Trubschachen using only sustainable energy: regional solar power, generated in the Emmental region.

Sonnenenergie Emmentaler Hausspezialitäten

Lush meadows and delicious rich milk

Every day from all over the valley the farmers bring the freshly milked cow's milk to the Trubschachen dairy. From the very beginning the "Bretzeli" and the "House Specialities from the Emmental" have been baked with fresh butter - a gift of nature, a delight.

Fresh eggs from the emmental valley

Before the rooster crows, the first batches of dough are already kneaded and the ovens preheated at Kambly. The "Bretzeli" and the "House Specialities from the Emmental" are being baked after the original recipes with only the freshest eggs from the Emmental.


Like grandma used to make

Kambly's story began over a hundred years ago with Grandma's Emmental "Bretzeli" biscuits. Settling in Trubschachen to be with his sweetheart, Oscar R. Kambly began to bake Bretzeli for the inhabitants of the valley, using his grandmother's family recipe.

Ever since then, we have been producing them according to the original recipe day by day, carefully upholding the high quality and tradition associated with Kambly.

Baked with love and care

From the very start, Bretzeli have been Kambly's inspiration and flagship product. But what is the recipe for their success? Although
we are unable to reveal all its secrets, we can give you an idea
of the life and inspiration of the founder. For him, bread was not
just bread, and Bretzeli was more than a biscuit.

Of course, he always used the finest ingredients, but when the family started out, Bretzeli were only baked for special celebrations - as an expression of joy, affection and thankfulness. But you can only give
as much joy as is in your heart. So the most important ingredients of Bretzeli were loving devotion and care.

Delights that delight for more than 100 years


Goldfish - the Original

Hi everybody, I am Goldfish,
your light and crispy salted biscuit. I am a delicious, tender nibble. I make
a great snack on the go or enjoy me as an appetizer with family and friends.

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On everyone‘s lips for more than 60 years

Join me on a dive into Swiss biscuit history and learn about the origins of the legendary Goldfish.

The tasty nibble for young and old.


Fine biscuits

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