Committed to tradition

Kambly has epitomized the Swiss tradition of fine biscuits for three generations.

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100 years of Kambly - the vision is alive

For three generations, Kambly has epitomised the very best in traditional
Swiss biscuits. The history of Kambly began more than one
hundred years ago with the Emmental "Bretzeli" - baked
according to grandmother's recipe.


Where delicious dreams are brought to life.

Kambly's success is built on a spirit of invention and a love of the good things in life.

Moments of delight

Above all, Kambly products aim to deliver exquisite delight. Fine delicacies, created by Kambly's confectioners, combining company tradition with Haute Confiserie. "Quality without compromise", expertly produced from the finest ingredients.

Kambly was one of the first companies to meet the strict international norms and standards for quality management and product safety. Kambly is
ISO 9001:2015-certified. It also meets the internationally recognised standard for food safety, as certified by IFS Food.

Origin and authenticity

Kambly has been baking speciality biscuits in the heart of Switzerland for some 100 years, day in, day out, with the same dedication. Here in the Emmental valley, home to fresh milk and butter, the quality of life is tangible. The majority of raw ingredients come from local suppliers - flour from the local mill, butter from the local dairy. Over 80% of Kambly's raw ingredients either come from Switzerland or are processed here - chocolate, for example, is produced to Kambly's own recipe by renowned Swiss chocolate manufacturers.

The lovely Emmental Valley

We draw our inspiration from nature and deeply embodied values.

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Corporate responsibility

Sustainable development is one of Kambly's core values,
embedded in our ownership and corporate strategy.