Set off on a hiking tour on our website. If you find all the Kambly Petit Beurre biscuits you could – with a little luck – win a weekend in Lenzerheide or one of our weekly prizes – a BLS first-class one-day travel pass, or one of our daily prizes: a rucksack full of Kambly specialities.

Crunchy and consistently good since 1936!

Kambly Petit Beurre biscuits are now available in a practical small packet. Swiss Petit Beurre for any occasion, crunchy and fresh. Ideal for excursions or simply for an in-between snack.

Petit Beurre Kleinpackung Neu

A warm welcome

OAK Kambly Statement Qualität_300dpi_en

Kambly has epitomized the Swiss
tradition of fine biscuits for three generations.
Each masterpiece from the Emmental is a
small thank you for life; a declaration of
love for the very best; the peak of fine,
elegant taste.
Kambly is a way of life, dedicated
to all those who appreciate the difference
between the best and the merely good.
Delights that delight.

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